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Jerzy Drozd

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Hi, I'm Jerzy Drozd, cartoonist and teaching artist (which is to say, a person who makes comics and teaches how to make them).

To quote cartoonist Nick Abadzis, I think comics is the highest form of communication.

Bowling night art drop no. 8 for 2018 Season. More butter!

of a new mini-comic I'm working on. Sailor cats and rats in zero gravity.

Bowling night art drop no. 7 for the 2018 season. Off to market!

Bowling night art drop no. 6 for 2018 season. Our heroes say farewell to the grateful townspeople.

Working on some thank you cards with best buddies on them.

Spent the afternoon thumbnailing. These days I always start with sticky notes to prevent me from spending too much time on the drawings. At this stage all I want to be concerned about is composition and visual rhythm.

Bowling night art drop no 5 for 2018 season. Victory garden!

Bowling night art drop no. 1 for the 2018 season.

Mags on the go. A pencil and brush pen drawing I did as a warm up today.

January 2018 desktop! We're overdue for a good laugh. High res version:

If you're looking to take a break from drawing, Brandon Dayton's videos on making art are a wholesome distraction:

(They're also great listening at the art desk)