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Ken Lowery

A nice thing that happened: got a comic put on a year-end list, and I got written about as an artist for ... maybe the first time ever?

Anyone want to polish this pitch for me or, alternately, throw me into a jet engine?

It did not start out that way but then I realized "oh this is definitely some people rising up together to overthrow their small town's would-be masters" sooooo.

Current : A socialist werewolf nightmare as penned by Nick Cave. The one-page pitch is shaping up nicely!

Introductions are a good idea!

My name is Ken Lowery. I write comics, usually horror but probably not quite like you think. Here's some pages!

NIGHT DRIVER: @gavinguidry (a) @micahmyers (l)
SACRIFICE: Kevin Warren (a)
WHEN THE DEVIL DRIVES: Jake Ekiss (a, l) Ruby Boiko (c)

I'm just a poor unfortunate self-publishing soul, but happy to share anything I've learned for anyone looking to start.

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Figure we should probably do this here, now, too.

Hi. My name is Gavin. I draw comics. Maybe you’ve read some that I’ve been involved in making.
I hope you read the next one.
Here are some pictures of things I’ve made.
Have a good day.

A thing I do is back @jessnevins on Patreon at the $10+ level, which means he'll do some research for you if you have a request. Folks, this is the best world-building/research deal in comics.

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If you love comics and the people who make them, giving to the Hero Initiative is seriously one of the best things you can do. Check it this article about how they helped Taki Soma and Mike Oeming:

Holy cow look at alla yous! Hello!

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I just realized the Instance Information is not very visible.

there is a code of conduct to be found, for all of you joining us and those who have been here!

if you click your settings you should see an option to view this info.

But that's me basically just guessing.

All right, anyone who's pitched a comic to a proper publisher: what all did you show them? Right now my basic "package" is a one-page pitch document, and a single scene or sequence as completed as possible -- inks, colors, lettering, etc.

Or maybe I'm speaking nonsense, also highly possible.

Haha, sure sure. I suppose it's up to us to figure out what we do with this... though I wonder if it'll be more Slack/Discord than Twitter: active when it needs to be vs. all the time.

I AM THAT I AM. Whew OK, time to re-set up my profile I suppose!