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I just realized the Instance Information is not very visible.

there is a code of conduct to be found, for all of you joining us and those who have been here!

if you click your settings you should see an option to view this info.

Are any artists running Christmas specials for prints or anything? Any comic shops? Ill boost your toot!

so far, all I've read this week is the second volume of Sweet Blue Flowers, a manga about the sweetness of an all girls school plus the blossoming romance between two friends.

my self imposed star wars/social media hiatus is officially over and it's time to party i.e. engage in comic book discussion haha

@ladyvader99 Sleepless #1 looks promising. Paradiso #1, too. Bought both, haven't read them yet

@ladyvader99 I've heard Christopher Priest has started his run on Justice League and the buzz has been very positive.

Same for the first issue of Mark Waid's run on Captain America.

Didn't make it to the shop yesterday, but was there an OGN/manga/first issue I should check out?

I'm so excited to try out all of these new podcasts ♡ thank you for the suggestions!


Comadres y Comics, a podcast hosted by three Latina women hoping to highlight the role that Latinos have in the comic book industry not only as creators but as consumers and fans.


@ladyvader99 My Podcast That Made Me Trans sometimes talks about comics. It's all about media and queer/trans readings, importance.

I am on the hunt for more queer PoC podcasts. Let me know if any of these recs are good.

@ladyvader99 seconding both dirty old ladies and salt & honey

@ladyvader99 Fanbros! Tatiana King Jones, DJ BenHameen are both black. I look forward to this show every week!

@ladyvader99 "Salt & Honey" by Sloane Leong & Leslie Hung. itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/sa

I don't think they're here yet, but they're @lesliehung & @sloanesloane on Twitter.

@ladyvader99 Just got interviewed by the Geek Out Show podcast last week -- the producer & co-host Sam Stone is half-Korean. geekoutshow.libsyn.com/