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I just realized the Instance Information is not very visible.

there is a code of conduct to be found, for all of you joining us and those who have been here!

if you click your settings you should see an option to view this info.

runaways made me laugh out loud a few times (i just read #5) and im so so happy seeing that last page when everyone is together ♡♡♡ ALSO NICO PLS GET IT TOGETHER OMFG

is back and im always thankful for another issue where kippa remains safe. also this issue was super gay and i am even more into it wow

that wicdiv special was my jam. silent movie homages, skulls, hot daddy gods, a whodunnit story....so great.

ill be reading more of my backlog today so prepare for comic thoughts and probably some feelings cause im very emotional allll the time about comics haha

Admin post!

Hey everyone :) I was informed we had a sexual predator in our midst and they have been removed and banned. Please continue reaching out to Ken or myself for things like that <3

the signal is fun. i love Snyder's care with the batfam, like you can tell he loves those characters to death.

white knight continues to be phenomenal, i really really love the art, especially in the brief nude scenes. butt hairs, you guys.

I've got TWO conventions in the PNW soming up! @ILikeComicCon@twitter.com in Vancouver, WA, Feb 10-11, and @emeraldcitycon@twitter.com in Seattle march 1-4. Taking on a few pre-con commissions!

havent read comics in like a MONTH but now im getting to them lol

Rogue & Gambit was a lot more fun than I hoped it would be, which is always a great thing

Abbot i purchased on a whim cause we always need more black protags + saladin writing? DONE. haha, it was really fucking good. cant wait for issue 2.

Any time an X-Men creator goes off about being against diversity, representation, and inclusion you have to wonder why they wanted to create X-Men comics to begin with.

Hellboy, Shape of Water, Justice Leauge Show more

I read my entire single issue stack last weekend, just in time to pick up my Wednesday books!

excited to read assassinistas and steven universe!

#8 Deadman and the Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love

Y'all are sleeping on this book. It's complete, it's enchanting, it's dark, and there's bonus q u e e r people! We needed a Deadman book and this delivered (don't even @ me about the one that just released either) comicspace.masto.host/media/ZF

#7 Black Bolt

Fuck you guys, the Inhumans rule and the silent king is incredibly well written. PLUS CHRISTIAN WARD ART, ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! comicspace.masto.host/media/xH

#6 Doctor Aphra

This is the best Star Wars book now that Gillen's Vader run is over, full stop. She is a badass archaeologist who is constantly in trouble and she is accompanied by a really cool wookiee and my 2 murder sons, BeeTee One and Triple Zero. comicspace.masto.host/media/mW

#5 Taproot

There's some light spoops and the 3 g's: gorgeous spreads, gardening, and gays! It doesn't mean anything to those of you who know me, but i c r i e d comicspace.masto.host/media/9V

and #4 Dreamin' Sun.

It's a slice of life/romance manga and tbh the story isn't terribly original but the art is fucking the cutest. I needed something light and fluffy and maybe someone else in your life does too! comicspace.masto.host/media/bl

#3 Delicious in Dungeon

It's a manga and might be slightly harder to find in a shop, just cause shops are hesitant to try new manga, BUT it revolves around an adventuring party in a dungeon and they run out of food so they start eating the monsters. It's funny and charming. comicspace.masto.host/media/ys

#2 Super Sons TPB When I Grow Up

I love them, okay? The dynamic between Damian and Jonathan is pure and joyful, the art is so so good, and it's just a breath of fresh air.

I'm doing this on twitter as well, but this'll be a thread of comic recs that I think are superb gifts as well (plus, I selfishly want you guys to shop more in comic stores!)

#1 - Steven Universe and the Crystal Gems TPB
This feels most like the show, episodic, and is pure fun. comicspace.masto.host/media/eP