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Steve Lieber

Listening to old episodes of The Thick of It while I work so Malcolm Tucker can keep me motivated.

I could go back and correct the typo in my schedule for this issue of Future Quest, or I could stay open minded and embrace the possibilities.

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Finished the colooors =D Yay! And Now I am off fixing up the thumbnails to the first Chapter, so I can get to pencilling asap!

Just remembered my favorite moment ever on twitter dot com

Time lapse of me doodling in a Hawkeye omnibus: Pizza Dog waking Clint. Available here, at my etsy shop:
15% off everything in the store!

Living and dying on every last bit of news out of Alabama.

Last survivor of a dying planet, Kal El would someday wear a uniform made from the swaddling clothes in which he was found.' s work is really cool. Go scroll through her feed and follow.

Working on two stories at the same time. One needs to be visually exciting, the other often works better when it isn't.

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When you definitely don’t want to get rained on.

You cannot say you've known fear until you've seen your cat carry a full bottle of ink across the room, his teeth in the eyedropper bulb.

Happy to report that the Whiteout event was a blast! & I were busy from start to finish.

Huge thanks to & for organizing, for hosting and everyone for coming out to see us on a cold Saturday!

Jeff Lang brought me aboard for a bunch of early projects and pitches that led to the contacts that built my career.

Portland: The Whiteout Compendium signing at is TODAY, 3-5 pm. Me &, a lot of books, and a lot of pizza.

Greg & I will talk & sign and I will draw and we will all feast like kings on wood-fired pizza that deserves an Eisner of its own. See you there!

Fan art for’s “Sugar-crazed Little Weirdos.”

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I wrote about the incredibly frustrating Patreon changes -- thanks to Ryan North, Kate Leth, and Jeph Jacques for talking numbers with me!

We wondered: 'What is the weight of evil?"