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Steve Lieber

Two hours left for's Kickstarter. He's just a few hundred away from the $30K stretch goal!

My colleague wraps up his Kickstarter today. He's been writing & drawing stories about Mercy St Clair since the 80s- one impeccably crafted page after another. This is the commitment we want from our creators. Go support! And RT! !

"Dating apps never worked for me. Then I signed up for SPIDRR."

Have to say I'm very impressed that no one has asked for clarification on any of these.

Future Quest Presents #8 comes out tomorrow! Writer: Line-art: me. Color: Letters: Been a while since I've drawn full on superhero action. It's an all-Mightor issue!

As a frequent comic con exhibitor, I'm super grateful to a couple of online resources: And's online schedule:

Set photos from Infinity War look amazing!

Another day where I'm writing things I've already done on my to-do list, just so I can have the satisfaction of crossing them off.

Short deskshot video of my colleague, building intricate fantasy worlds one tiny pen stroke at a time.

Go follow because he draws like a damn fiend.

Watching the 2002 adaptation of “Tipping the Velvet.” Adorable R-rated BBC shoujo.

I really enjoyed the first issue of's new science fiction comic from, PRISM STALKER, so I drew some fan-art.